UNIVERSAL dry fix and ventilation systems from Marley Eternit

Marley Eternit have long been at the forefront of dry fix solutions with the first systems brought to market in the 1980’s.

Our dry fix systems now provide comprehensive dry detailing and ventilation solutions for all areas of the pitched roof, and our Universal range offers out-of-the-box easy to install, minimal maintenance options that not only work with our roof tiles and slates but those of other manufacturers too.

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Our systems

Roof slope
What is Universal?
Marley Eternit Universal systems can be used across all key roof areas, from eaves to ridge. Read more...
The benefits of Universal
Universal products can be used with all Marley Eternit and other manufacturer’s tiles and slates. Read more...
The trend towards dry fix
Today’s roofs need to be weather-proof and look good, as well as providing adequate ventilation. They also need to be quick and economical to install and require minimal on-going maintenance. Read more...
For access to over 2,000 FastrackCAD drawings, illustrating how specific tile, slate & cladding details can be formed. Visit Marley Eternit’s CAD resource